“Destined to meet …. a match made in heaven.”

Characters ( to be added on as the story progresses) :
Abhram : the main lead of the story .a laidback attitude from childhood enjoying all the activities any guy from a typical upper class background will –adventures, pranks, girls, speed-fast cars, fast bikes ,etc, hanging out with friends favorite pass time ,no sense of responsibility.
Shristi : the female lead of the story . average gal with a middle class upbringing having focus on her future an introvert , very kind so much that often her good nature gets misused by people, Intelligent, passion for creating her own identity in the world ,mature beyond years still childish in some ways.
Farah : College mate of Abhram whom he is in a relationship with. A vivacious girl from a rich family who is the college beauty madly in love with Abhram.
Shishir : A perky lad in the fourth standard whom Abhram befriends on a train journey.
Rohit : Bosom buddy of Abhram who was his companion in all his ups and downs and so close that people assumed to be real brothers.H e is an renowned Industrialist worldwide famous for his chain of boutique hotels “ The Mystique “

First Chapter:

Abhram was standing in the airport lounge watching the hustle bustle of the busy Bangalore airport. The man with the red cap was trying to get his attention for quite some time now. But Abhram was re collecting his past with a smile he was thinking about the incident when he first came into contact with Shristi .

12 years ago when Abhram had gone on a trip to Kolkatta with his classmates for a study tour. They were so bored of the train journey it had been days they had been cooped up in each others‘company. He had fought with his then girlfriend Farah and was standing near the compartment entrance letting wind blow on his face enjoying a smoke. Suddenly he heard a sweet voice someone saying “Excuse me please” and turned .
A long-haired gal in a white cotton top and long red skirt with bangles zingling and large looped earrings wearing anklets was standing there .He stood there as if in a trance and she again said” Excuse me please are you deaf dude? Or on second thoughts stand there and get splattered all over. What do I care?”

It was then he saw she was holding a small boy who was looking as if he might puke any minute and jumped out-of-the-way without a word. The gal then took the boy to the sink and held him while he discharged all his dinner into the sink. The gal was rubbing his back and giving him water. Abhram was touched by her care.

After some time the boy was finished and after freshening up he asked her for water but the bottle was empty. The gal told him that their water was over and she will get it at the next station. Abhram heard her and told her if she didn’t mind he had a bottle should he get it. The boy said yes I want some water bhaiya and despite the gal’s protests went away with Abhram to his berth for water.

On the way he went on chatting and told Abhram that he and his family were going on summer holidays to his nani’s place in Kharagpur .They lived in Bangalore and in this way Abhram came to know the gal was his elder sister .Then they reached his berth and he gave him water bottle.The boy drank it and gave it back to Abhram and said “Thank you bhaiya” and turned to go but Abhram stopped him and asked what is his name? The boy said that his didi had told him not to reveal his details to strangers and said since bhaiya you are so nice I will tell you .My name is Shishir and I am in the fourth standard.Abhram was just about to ask his sister’s name when Shishir said bye and ran off to meet his sister who was approaching them.

After he stood watching them both go he felt Farah’s hand on his shoulders and forgot all about the girl and Shishir.Then the two went off to join their classmates for lunch. That night all of them had planned a birthday surprise for Ankush one of their classmates.So they took a packet of bread spread jam and butter on it and prepared a sort of cake and put a candle in the centre. They all had already purchased a gift for him .All of them were waiting for the clock to turn 12 so they could start the party.

Since there was still an hour left Abraham told Farah since it was the last night on the train they should make it more special. They both went to a far away compartment where all were asleep and stood in a corner. They were just getting intimate with each other and Abhram pulled Farah closer and was kissing her pushing her back against the wall for few minutes when Farah heard someone swearing and suddenly broke free and pushed him .He collided with someone and grabbed hold to get his balance but he got kicked in the stomach with heels and collapsed out of pain on the floor.

When he came to his senses he saw Farah and the girl standing there trying hard to hold their laughter but failing miserably. He then got up and said to Farah if she was done laughing they could proceed to the party since it was almost 12. Farah glanced towards the girl and mimed that she would call her later and waved her goodbye. On the way Farah told Abhram that it wasn’t Shristi’s fault just an accident and he should not get upset. Abhram told her to shut up and not to say anything to anyone and then Farah sulked and pouted that hardly seems likely she would gossip about it and become the laughing-stock of the college.

Second Chapter :

Suddenly Abhram felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and was jolted back to his present and found himself standing in the Airport. He took it out of his pocket and saw it was a SMS from his wife reminding him to pick up gifts for the kids or they wouldn’t let him in peace. Rohit his best friend asked him,” Its Zebbie isn’t it? I cannot believe you still have that grin on your face whenever you think about her after all these years ; come on dude you guys been together for years now “ nudged Abhram and burst out laughing.
They both got out of the Airport through the back or they would be besieged by the media and fans out front waiting to speak to their favorite celebrity who had returned after ages from abroad. It was a long drive to the beautiful dwelling called “ Nivriti ” their own lovenest fondingly built with lots of love and care , painstakingly each brick put in place. On the way they stopped at the Mall to get gifts for kids and while he shopped Rohit told him he had to take a client call and would be at the café. Abhram lovingly selected gifts and was thinking as to how much Adriana and Suhas would go crazy on opening them. He then gave the gifts to his driver and went to the café to join Rohit. Rohit waved to him and he went and joined him. Rohit was still busy on his phone so Abhram relaxed leaned back and enjoyed his cuppa. He then saw a couple engrossed in each other and remembered meeting her for the second time.

After a rigorous match practice Abhram and some of his teammates went to their usual coffee joint but it was closed that day for maintenance.T hey were about to go home when Rahul one of the gang told that there was a new CCD opened in the vicinity. They went there and sat for some time discussing the final cricket match when the waitress approached their table and placed menus and water and then went away to take orders from another table. After deciding what they all wanted they again continued discussing the tactics and Kishore started mimicking their strict coach they called hitler behind his back .They all started laughing and encouraging him when they heard a soft “Can I take your orders please ?” Abhram for the first time lifted his head and looked at the waitress while Krish gave their orders to her. Abhram felt as if he had seen her before but couldn’t recall. Then their orders arrived and he forgot all and they all enjoyed their coffees and were so famished that they devoured all the sandwiches and pastries within no time. They then called for the bill and paid it and left.
Abhram gave the waitress a second glance and then left when everyone started teasing him about the same.

Abhram was now a right-handed batsman playing cricket ever since he could remember. Apart from completing graduation on the behest of his Parents who felt an education was very important in any circumstance cricket was his passion. His daily routine consisted of waking up at the crack of dawn no matter what time he got into bed and working out in his gym for an hour.Then he had breakfast and left for his practice sessions at the Chinnaswamy stadium where he practiced his batting skills and fielding drills either with his teammates or alone .From there he went to his regular hangouts with his friends and had lunch with them often. Later in afternoon he went to his father’s Legal firm and loved helping out with the briefs and random jobs around the office besides flirting with the pretty secretaries. He was sharp and had indepth knowledge of law in his blood since both his parents were famous law practitioners in the city. But he never took it seriously. Early evening he again left for practice before hitting the nightlife in the city with his friends.

Abhram and his friends had a hell of a blast drinking and flirting with the hot chicks over there. Suddenly there was alarm and the bar owner started shutting the shop down. The bartender stopped serving drinks and closed the bar counter. The regular clientele knew it was the deadline and started leaving. Abrham and his group too left and said goodbye to each other and left in their own vehicles. Abhram told his driver to take him home. The driver told him that they would have to take the longer route than the usual since the regular one was closed due to some construction work.Abhram agreed and after reaching home went to bed.

The next morning Abhram slept till late since it was his day off from the gym. However he woke up late and had to take a quick shower and got ready. He grabbed an apple for breakfast and his usual protein shakes and juices packed by his cook and rushed out to his car. He was driving the car at top speed and hurried through the signal before it turned red but just at the last moment the signal turned red and he had to brake all of a sudden. He nearly hit a girl crossing the road but stopped in the nick of time. The girl gestured to him was he blind and something about her seemed familiar to him. Just then a line of cute little chubby kids in school uniforms led by their teachers started crossing the road and Abhram forgot his anger and smiled and waved at some who were waving to all. Then signal turned green and he reached the grounds for practice. He found that none of his team mates had turned up for practice and proceeded to net practice and had some quality time with the coach.

After practicing hard for couple of hours Abhram saw his idol none other than Kapil Dev ji and went up to him greeting him. Kapil Dev asked him whether he was a batsman or a bowler and when he replied he was an all-rounder the legend told him he would like to bowl to him. Abhram couldn’t believe his luck and went to his nets and took his stance.Kapil Dev bowled to him and he was so nervous that he missed out a couple of deliveries and ten calmed down focused and connected all after that. Then Kapil ji asked him to bowl a variety of pace and spin of varied lengths into the nets and observed him closely. After some time Kapil Dev told him ifhe practiced and worked on his techniques diligently he had the talent to make into the national team in future and went to have a word with Abhram’s coach.

Abhram was on cloud nine after leaving the ground and decided to stop at the CCD they had been before. After he sat there for some time he felt being ignored by the waitress inspite of beckoning her few times. He finally was about to walk out when the manager came and asked for his order. He ordered his favorite cappuccino and then asked why the service was so late in taking an order even. The manager apologized and assured him that there would be no further delay. After some time Abhram saw the waitress walk away from the café almost in tears and he called for the bill and asked the manager what was the issue. The manager replied that he had fired her so she was upset and then made a sarcastic remark that it was what the bitch deserved. Abhram would have retaliated but he saw the waitress leaning against his car and talking to someone on the phone. He then went out of the café.

The girl was making animated gestures with her hands in the air while talking and Abhram stood there for a moment observing her flick off the hair falling on her face often and observed for the first time that she looked so innocent and felt bad that she had lost her job because of him. Just then the girl ended her call and suddenly caught him staring at her red handed. She then walked to him and before he could react slapped him across the face.


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